About Us

More than 50 years ago a young German visionary, after the rigors of post-war depression, thought of a beautiful country, took his boat like many others and landed in Colombia,he  fell in love with this country, and bet on doing business in a place devoid of technology in packaging and manufacturing of products.

Our Company



 SILFA COLOMBIA is a company based in  Bogota Colombia
We represent the most important trading houses and machinery manufacturers from different countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Brazil, Argentina, USA, India and other producing lines of manufacturing, packaging and labeling. We cover areas such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and others.
We have the widest experience, which is supported by our extensive knowledge of our equipment, machinery and we commit ourselves to delivering the best in quality and competitive prices.

We have a group working with the best professional and human qualities to be willing to offer a full consulting service, in automations projects
SILFA COLOMBIA is and will be a company of our customers and for our customers, always offering the best quality equipment, which identifies our represent as the best ones, always with the utmost dedication, respect and professionalism to what we do.
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